Lab Grown Diamonds: What are they?


What are Lab Created Diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are grown within laboratories with controlled environmental parameters that replicate the growth process of a natural diamond inside the earth’s crust. The only difference being the time to achieve the same. Lab grown diamonds are also known as engineered diamonds, cultured diamonds and at times also referred to as lab created diamonds. All our lab grown diamonds are of best quality. Pure carbon layers are deposited by Advanced Technological Process, resulting in 100% carbon diamonds with no trace elements of nitrogen or boron. A lab created diamond is chemically equally  to a mined diamond (carbon). These diamonds are not diamond stimulants, such as cubic zirconia or moissanite, they consist of actual carbon atoms creating them diamonds. These are 100% DIAMONDS and are not “artificial” or ” forgery “. While they are an alternative to a mined diamond, they are becoming harder and harder to determine and fathom. 


High-pressure, high-temperature(HPHT) diamonds is the name given to diamonds produced under pressure of 5 GPa at more than 1500 degrees Celsius. Though this is not new to creating a man made diamond, this procedure has been used on diamonds to treat them in the past. It has been used to plus or minus colors or enhance the diamond as a whole. Typically this process is now began with a laboratory-grown diamond and is, known as the seed. These seeds raise or crystallize in the method to make the HPHT diamonds.

 CVD Diamonds

This process of Chemical Vapor Deposition, is another method to form lab cultured diamonds. This method is a crystal arrangement procedure, using carbon plasma where the carbon atoms begin to form. These deposits begin to form the diamond from also a seed diamond. Along with the plasma, various gases are free into the chamber to make the exact environment of the method.