Benefits of choosing a CVD/HPHT Lab Grown Diamond in your Jewelry?


Lab Grown diamonds are purer than the stones mined naturally because unlike mined stones, synthetic diamonds do not have any dirt or impurities ingrained in them. They also have fewer defects, and show fewer signs of strain in their crystal structure, because they are made under carefully controlled conditions. Improved purity means that the diamond is poised to be brighter, better, and whiter. In fact, a large proportion of lab grown CVD diamonds typically receive higher purity ratings than their natural counterparts.

Unfortunately, the origins of most naturally mined diamonds can be vague, as they come from conflicted regions. Often called ‘blood diamonds,’ these stones have a dark background and may have been sold to fund armed conflicts or civil disturbances. Yet diamonds that aren’t sourced from conflicted land might bring a history of teenager labor, person privileges violation, and poor working environment. HPHT lab grown diamonds, however, have a clean history and a guaranteed, traceable source.